Border  Crossing

Bringing A Boat into Canada

As Zebra and Quagga mussels are prohibited entry into Canada, all boats, trailers, vehicles, and other conveyances must be free of mussels, alive or dead. Travellers towing or transporting boats at all border crossings in Canada must ensure that boats and water-related equipment are free of Zebra and Quagga mussels and their larvae before entering Canada. This is done by ensuring boats and equipment are cleaned of aquatic plants, animals, mud and debris; drained of water; and dry upon arrival at the border crossing.

 Watercraft inspection/cleaning stations near border crossings on the US side:

Boaters are also required to remove or open drain plugs to allow water to drain from the boat or boat equipment before transportation. Boaters are required to ensure their boat, boating equipment, vehicles, or trailers are free of any aquatic plants, animals, and algae before placing a watercraft in any body of water in Ontario. It is illegal to place a boat, boating equipment, or any vehicle or trailer into any body of water if there are any aquatic plants, animals or algae attached to it. For more information on Ontario’s requirements, click here.

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